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Quarry Dust
Crusher Run
Coarse Sand
3/4 Aggregate
Fine Sand
Chipping Stone

Matron Quarry Site

We have several Quarry site which enable to us to cover the whole Klang Valley such as Kajang, Shah Alam, Klang, KL, Ampang and more. We also supply to outstation such as Johor, Pahang and Melaka. This lead us to provide our best service and delivery to your construction area.

Quarry Site Coverage Area

(Quarry Dust, Coarse Sand, Fine Sand, Crusher Run, 3/4 Aggregate, Chipping Stone)

1)   Gombak

2)   Hulu Langat

3)   Hulu Selangor

4)   Klang

5)   Kuala Langat

6)   Kuala Selangor

7)   Petaling

8)   Sabak Bernam

9)   Sepang

10) Putrajaya

11) Kuala Lumpur

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