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Type of Concrete

i.     Normal Strength Concrete

ii.    High Strength Concrete

iii.   JKR Specification Concrete

iv.   Precast Concrete

v.    Mortar

vi.   Water Tank & Reservoir Concrete

vii.  Pump Concrete

viii. Tremie Concrete

ix.   Chipping Concrete

x.    Road Works Concrete

xi.   Shotcrete Concrete

xii.  Special Design Concrete

Benefits of Concrete Ready-mix

i.     Quality Surface Finish

ii.    Easy to Compact

iii.   Flexible Placing
iv.   Highly Durable

v.    Crack Resistant

Concrete Ready Mix Plant ( Central Region, Klang Valley )

Concrete Ready Mix Plant ( South Region, Negeri Sembilan )

Concrete Ready Mix Plant ( South Region, Johor )

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